Divorce, Maintenance, Child Custody and Domestic Violence Cases

Family is a sensitive affair and therefore the cases dealing with family issues require able and well-practiced lawyers. The lawyers should be able to understand the nerve of family members involved, notice the seriousness of the case and then handle it accordingly. Divorce, maintenances, child custody and domestic violence cases are the commonest of all the cases related to family. A different genre in family conflict is division of property and the lawyers or solicitors dealing with relationships, custody etc. are different from those who deal with property issues.


Domestic violence is one of the main causes of conflicts between a husband and wife. Mostly, it is the men who beat or torture their women for big or small reasons like dowry, intolerant psychology, personal conflicts etc. However, women are no less in mentally and physically puzzling and torturing men. In both the situations, legal cases can be filed and solutions can be fetched. In some cases, husband and wife mutually agree to live together peacefully but in most cases, divorce or separation is done.


Now, divorce is not easy and first the lawyers try to convince the couple at best. The proceedings are carried forward only if the two are not ready to live together at all. An extra-marital affair makes a divorce case strong, and not surprisingly, it is often the main reason for divorce. In a divorce case; the alimony, maintenance money in certain durations and much more are discussed. After the settlement of such issues, the major settlement issue that comes is related to the custody of children. Financial, marital, mental and other aspects are considered while deciding which of the two parents will be given the custody and who will meet the children from time to time but not be given custody of them.

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