Prevention of Corruption & Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) Cases

Prevention of Corruption Act and Anti-Money Laundering Act cases are the ones that deal with black money, scams, wrong policies etc. at the country level. India needs to develop more and more to strengthen up economically, politically and socially and for the same, it becomes necessary that corruption is eradicated from the country and the money in the country is used for the citizen’s welfare.


There are several cases of government officials taking bribes from general public and corporates. Some people willingly offer bribes to officials for getting their illegitimate or even legitimate tasks done smoothly. And, following the same trend, some innocent and financially low people are also forced to pay bribes for getting their work done. However, governments have taken measures against all these, yet often certain cases come into light.


Money laundering is all about making black money white by investing the illegitimately earned money smartly. Many people do not pay taxes and save money in illegal manner or earn money on government projects by spending only a portion of allotted money on the projects. Some people have their accounts in Swiss bank or other safer places so that they could not be caught. But crime can never be hidden and the law has certain provisions to catch he culprits. Once the facts are out, those responsible for such crimes are punished as per the law.


Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 is for preventing money-laundering and providing for property confiscation that is derived from money-laundering. Many politicians, officials, businessmen and other people own properties that are beyond the reach of their income. And therefore, they are asked for justifications for the same, once they are found wrong, actions are taken against them. Penalties could include jail, monetary assets, seizure of properties etc. as per the situation and extent of scam.

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